AppTutor educational learning apps for kids were created to assist elementary students in their quest for math success and are great tools for students, parents, tutors, homeschoolers, and teachers.

AppTutor Apps provide a fun, innovative way for children to experience and master the elementary mathematical concepts promoted by the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI). Delivered in the ‘Learn-Try-Test’ format that children are familiar with on Apple’s mobile touch screen technology, AppTutor Apps are also enticing, rewarding, and easy to use.

AppTutor apps for kids take full advantage of the visual, audio, touch, and dynamic interactivity that children have become accustomed to and enjoy in Apple technology to create personalized, interactive experiences that no other books or software can replicate.

AppTutor’s fun and interactive technology brings educational content to life, creating a learning environment supportive of cognitive retention, complex associations, and high level comprehension. In this environment, core skills may be mastered.

Although many elementary school “math apps” are available in the marketplace today, very few actually teach math. The overwhelming majority consist solely of games, quizzes or flash cards and are of little help to those looking for help or strategy.

Each AppTutor App is an engaging educational learning tool supportive of grade-specific, required CCSSI curriculum and is infused with the carefully crafted learning strategies of certified elementary school teachers.

AppTutor Apps deliver enticing and fun experiences that help children master the core skills needed for success in today’s educational systems and represent a tremendous step forward in learning via mobile devices.

AppTutor apps for kids are currently available on the App Store for use with iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices. Push to all your personal Apple mobile devices through iCloud for ultimate ease of use and accessibility.

At home, on the go, or in the classroom, AppTutor Apps provide a fun and rewarding learning environment, supporting core skill mastery and student success.

AppTutor Apps for Kids are “Not Just Another Quiz App”

Our Philosophy

The Great Potential Locked Inside Each Child May Be Realized Through Innovative Technology.

Our Mission

To utilize the latest technology trends and educational best-practices in the creation of innovative applications that support children in their hope for understanding and in their desire for skill mastery.

Our Vision

A world in which a child’s home and classroom environments are enriched through fun and innovative educational technology that bring the curriculum to life and where individual successes are achievable.