Oliver Owlette here, excited to share some great news with you!  We just released a new app covering place value & rounding!  I’m so excited because as the Director of Fun Learning here at AppTutor, this app is my favorite so far!  It has some extra-fun touch screen options that will reel in the most finicky learner… (and maybe even mom or dad)!

This is our first app that covers multiple grade levels in one app. Perfect for the second grader just beginning- offering solid strategy and definition, as well as third, fourth, and fifth graders who can attain mastery by refreshing their beginning skills and working their way through the fifth grade level skill-set.

What App can teach you about?

This app teaches whole numbers, digits, place value system, value, and place value models for the ones period through the billions period. Students learn to round and represent numbers in word form, expanded form and place value form.

One of five practice activities in the AppTutor Place Value and Rounding app, Word Form lets the student build 3 or 6 digit numbers from their word form, while showing their expanded and place value forms in realtime – excellent for practice or classroom demonstration.

The touch screen technology is maximized in this app to create a super-fun and rewarding environment that is hard to put down!

Just like all AppTutor Apps, our Place Value & Rounding app is based on the Common Core State Standards Curriculum.  When your child “plays” in our interactive learning app, they immediately begin to Learn-Try-Test their way to place value and rounding success!

This link to our new Place Value & Rounding app detail page will take you to more specific information about the curriculum in this app, provide screen shots from within the app, and offer a link to the Apps Store where you can download this app to any personal Apple Mobile Device!

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We are open to your feedback!

After you work in the app with your child, please come back and leave us some feedback!  We are pioneering these curriculum-based, fun learning apps and absolutely appreciate all testimonials, comments, and ideas you may have!   Also, if you could take a moment to share any of our apps you find useful with other parents, teachers, and homeschoolers- we would appreciate it!

AppTutor Apps are “Not Just Another Quiz App”!

Thanks from All of us at AppTutor!

We hope your child finds the love of learning!


Oliver Owlette