AppTutor educational learning apps were created to assist elementary students in their quest for math success and are great tools for students, parents, tutors, homeschoolers, and teachers. The best Math apps should not only provide practice to the user, but should also be able to teach new skills and allow for the evaluation of skills learned.

AppTutor apps promote better conceptual understanding by engaging the student in the Educational Learning Cycle of ‘Learn-Try-Test’. This model is currently used in top schools, supports brain-based research, and is considered a Best Practice.

  • Learn:
    ENGAGEMENT AND EXPERIENCE: An enticing multi-media presentation of grade-specific core skills are offered at each child’s pace, during the AppTutor Learn-Lesson Videos.
  • Try:
    PRACTICE AND APPLICATION: An interactive set of activities promoting the comprehensive understanding and recognition of core skills are practiced and applied in the AppTutor Try-Activities.FEEDBACK AND REFLECTION: Throughout both the Try-Activities and the Test-to Gain Certificate sections, wrong-answer feedback prompts reflection, recollection, and reasoning.
  • Test:
    TESTING: Confidence-building verification of the core skills learned, quantifiable results, and reinforcement of core skill comprehension are gained during the AppTutor Test-to Gain Certificate of Training section of each app.REAL LIFE APPLICATION: The core skills mastered are utilized in both homeschool and classroom environments in the form of standardized, grade-level testing.

You can help your child or student find success in elementary mathematics! The best part about AppTutor Apps is seeing children respond with new interest in learning. AppTutor Apps support classroom standards in an enticing, interactive, mobile way! Read what other parents, teachers, and children have to say in Testimonials.

The best math apps are much more than a mere quiz app!

Each AppTutor App offers:

  • Enticing graphics and easy to navigate functions and directions
  • Clear audio instructions available throughout, to assist beginning users
  • 5 skill-based, animated Learn-Lesson Videos which support both visual and auditory learning styles
  • 5 fun, interactive Try-Activities, reinforcing core skills taught in learn section, supporting the kinesthetic learning style
  • 1 self-paced, comprehensive skills Test-to Gain Certificate of Training with clear indicators of progress and success
  • Retake, replay, and review as many times as needed to reduce test-taker anxiety and welcome successful outcomes
  • Scratch Pad for counting, creative reasoning, and problem solving throughout app supporting 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Hint sheet for handy reference available on touch screen
  • Feedback on each wrong-answer throughout, supporting the enhanced recollection of key concepts
  • Multiple-paged, skill worksheets with complete answer keys
  • Over 1,000 unique problems
  • Ensured Uniform Testing of all core skills by AppTutor’s unique internal algorithm
  • Ergonomic design of areas to be tapped on touchscreen promoting extended use
  • Print and Email format available for Hint Sheets, Worksheets, and Certificate of Training
  • Each App accommodates up to 3 students and a guest-user
  • Guest-users may experience the app without disrupting students’ progress