Grade 2 Math

This app covers all requirements for Grade 2 Math under the new Common Core Standards. Written by an experienced team of teachers to meet the needs of all learning styles with fresh updated math strategies.

AppTutor Grade 2 Full Curriculum Math Interactive Workbook is a comprehensive collection of ALL Common Core requirements for second grade math. Proven great for learning and skill level assessment with the detailed feedback of all exercises.

What is Common Core? – Common Core State Standards Initiative is national standard that provides a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. AppTutor is one of the very few apps to be fully aligned with Common Core and covers, in detail, all of these skills to give your student a distinctive advantage.

Grade 2 Math App includes:

✔ 21 Chapters cover all Common Core Skills – divided in to 5 sections eachgrade 2 math app

✔ 21 Detailed “Help Sheets” for quick reference of each subject

✔ 150 different Common Core strands covered

✔ Over 1,000 question with answers

✔ 21 Challenges featuring over 1,400 quick pair questions and answer to race the clock.

✔ Challenge yourself and your friends to beat your best scores.

✔ Score Board – keeps track of each chapter and section scores and timesmath problem grade 2

✔ Pop-up of all questions to identify and assist exactly where the student is struggling

✔ AppTutor is not just another quiz app that pops up random questions

★ Great for use in the classroom or tutoring environments ★

✔  No in-app upgrades

✔  No advertising

Grade 2 Math Curriculum Workbook – 21 Chapters:

  1. Addition Part 1 (1-digit addition)math 2 app score
  2. Addition Part 2 (2-digit addition)
  3. Addition Part 3 (3-digit addition)
  4. Subtraction Part 1 (1-digit subtraction)
  5. Subtraction Part 2 (2-digit subtraction)
  6. Subtraction Part 3 (3-digit subtraction)
  7. Mixed Operations Part 1(addition & subtraction up to 20)
  8. Mixed Operations Part 2(addition & subtraction up to 100)
  9. Properties
  10. Comparing & Ordering Numbers
  11. Counting & Number Patterns
  12. Place Value Part 1 (Tens and ones)grade 2 score board
  13. Place Value Part 2 (Up to Thousands)
  14. Time
  15. Money Part 1 (up to $1)
  16. Money Part 2 (up to $5)
  17. Measurement
  18. Data & Graphs
  19. Geometry
  20. Fractions
  21. Multiplication