Best Apps for Writing an Essay for Mobile Devices

Today, technologies influence every aspect of life, including studies. To write and publish your college assignments, you don’t have to stick out in front of a Mac or a PC anymore. In fact, a mobile gadget, a good writing app, and Wi-Fi connection can give you the freedom of working at any time and from […]

Mathematics and Mobile Learning

Let’s take a look at the potential tablets and quality apps can have on learning. I am sure we have all seen a 3-year old with a tablet and a picture based app. They almost instinctively know what to do and perhaps what is more fascinating, they stay engaged with it much longer than most […]

Common Core Math Apps For iPad That Support Elementary Education

New opportunities emerge as interactive iPad tablet technology marries common core to become an elementary educational resource, exciting both parents and educators, stirring widespread interest.  Melbourne, FL (PR WEB)- Nov 2012-  AppTutor Apps, a new product line of mobile apps by Padstar Publishing, Inc., is making a splash in the market of elementary math apps for iPads. With over 28,000 individual […]

Place Value and Rounding Help Is Here! Whooo Knew?

Oliver Owlette here, excited to share some great news with you!  We just released a new app covering place value & rounding!  I’m so excited because as the Director of Fun Learning here at AppTutor, this app is my favorite so far!  It has some extra-fun touch screen options that will reel in the most […]

iPads in the Classroom – How Shortsighted We Can Be

It continues to amaze me how so many schools, teachers, PTA groups and parents have made significant financial investments in iPads for use in schools and at home, then work very hard to find just the best “free” apps. Do you buy a new car and spend endless hours looking for “free” gas? While there […]