grade 3 addition

Grade 3 Addition Overview – This 3rd grade math app teaches arithmetic patterns and explains addition using properties of operations. G3A enhances students’ ability to fluently add within 1000 using strategies and algorithms when solving equations and explores two-step word problems. Covers all Common Core Skills required for 3rd grade Addition.

This 3rd Grade Math App includes:

  • Five animated Learn Lesson videos for skill development:
    1. Properties & Strategies
    2. Estimating Sums
    3. Long Addition
    4. Unknown Numbers
    5. Word Problems
  • Five engaging and interactive Try Modules:
    1. Function Factory utilizing random Input + Rule = Output equations
    2. Long Addition random equation training module
    3. Word Problem interactive step-by-step training module
    4. More than 100 flashcards with answers
    5. AppTutor Quick Challenge module for timed recollection
  • Exhaustive skill-based testing for the assessment of understanding of all Common Core skills on the conceptual level
  • A printable Hint Sheet for quick reference
  • 26-page-long Worksheets that have more than 500 unique questions with answers for additional practice
  • A “Certificate of Achievement” to celebrate the completion (available in email and AirPrint formats)


  • Access for three named students and one guest user
  • Independent tracking of progress for each student
  • The design is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI).
  • One-click access to audio-instructions
  • Scratch Pad stimulates the development of counting skills and creative thinking
  • Feedback on erroneous answers across all tests to stimulate recollection of key concepts
  • Generation of random blocks of test questions for equal testing and grading of all Common Core skills
  • More than 1,400 unique math problems
  • Full support of iPad, iPhone and iPod devices

Grade 3 Addition Common Core State Standards addressed:

  • 3.OA.8 Solve two-step word problems. Write equations with letters representing unknown quantities. Apply mental computation, rounding and estimation strategies to see if answers are reasonable.
    • 8.4 Mixed operations: Addition word problems
    • 8.5 Mixed operations: Multi-step word problems
    • 8.6 Equations and variables: Solve for the variable – addition only
    • 8.8 Equations and variables: Write variable equations to represent word problems
    • 8.11 Estimation and rounding: Estimate sums
  • 3.OA.9 Recognize arithmetic patterns (including simple sequences in the addition and multiplication tables) and explain them applying properties of basic mathematical operations.
    • 9.1 Addition: Addition input/output tables – up to three digits
  • 3.NBT.2 Add and subtract with ease within 1000 by using the relationship between addition and subtraction and employing strategies based on place value and properties of basic mathematical operations.
  • Apply algorithms and strategies
    • 2.4 Addition: Add two numbers up to three digits
    • 2.5 Addition: Add two numbers up to three digits – word problems
    • 2.6 Addition: Finish the addition sentence – up to three digits
    • 2.7 Addition: Balance addition equations – up to three digits
    • 2.8 Addition: Addition patterns over increasing place values
    • 2.14 Properties: Properties of addition
    • 2.15 Properties: Solve using properties of addition

Download Resources:

Hint Sheet Worksheets