Today, technologies influence every aspect of life, including studies. To write and publish your college assignments, you don’t have to stick out in front of a Mac or a PC anymore. In fact, a mobile gadget, a good writing app, and Wi-Fi connection can give you the freedom of working at any time and from any spot, be that your school library or a local coffee-shop. Further, we provide a list of best writing applications for all platforms. While some of them come free of charge, the others are available for a fee. Used by professional journalists and writers, these apps will definitely help students of all levels, especially – AP English Language students and the graduates.

Best Essay Writing Apps for Android Devices

JotterPad. This app is available for Android devices only. The users enjoy its outstanding design and interface. JotterPad helps with converting files from PDF into Word (plus a few other formats); it also supports Markdown and cloud storage. The app’s demo is available for free; it doesn’t include the “Creative Mode” features that an ultimate version offers under a charge.

Grammarly is a widely known application that offers an easy-to-use virtual keyboard; besides, it lets your correct spelling and grammar mistakes in just one click. Grammarly mixes up with all popular e-mail agents, document reading apps, and works for various social media platforms. This app is available on Google Play free of charge.

Writer Plus is one of the best apps to help with writing. It gained its popularity thanks to its versatile features. This software will help you to sort out headers, work with the formatting of the text, type text from right to left, use night mode, count words and characters, and more. Writer Plus is a free app, available without any advertising.

Best Essay Writing Apps for iPad and iPhone

Editorial is arguably the most powerful writing software for iOS devices, which offers much more than other similar apps. It has an appealing, intuitive interface and easy navigation. You can write plain texts, or create Fountain, Markdown and TaskPaper documents. Editorial is synchronized with Dropbox, has an in-built browser and allows using Snippets (you type abbreviations to insert frequently used words or text pieces). You can export documents and publish them right from the app. This app is only available for a fee but is worth the paid money.

Ulysses. This writing software is a perfect match for your iPad. It has a beautiful interface that’s also very handy to use: the clean, simple interface is laid in three panels; their color can be customized. The application supports Markup, links, footnotes, comments, and images. You can apply it to eBooks, webpages, Word text documents and PDF files. Overall, Ulysses offers a great writing experience. It’s available on iTunes under a charge.

OmniOutliner 2 is all about outlining your ideas, keeping them organized, and forming into an article. This application supports an awesome external keyboard and exports text in various formats. You can quickly access references through the nodes. This pro-level software comes on iTunes for a fee.

Best Writing Apps for Both Platforms

Manuscript is a powerful app for writing student essays, novels, and stories. Aside from punctuation, grammar, and spelling editing, this software watches out for correct usage of numerals, abbreviations, compound words, etc. The app is available both for Android and iOS devices, for free.

yWriter is a stylish app with a powerful, yet a user-friendly interface. yWriter will divide your text into logical parts and chapters and will help to stick to the right essay structure. You can keep track of your progress and meet deadlines with this software.

WriteMyPapers. In situations when you are at risk of missing a deadline with your essay or desperately need help with a particular topic or subject, you can take advantage of this app developed by a trustworthy writing service and ask them “Write my custom paper for me, please!” Professional writers can help you with crafting the entire piece or just its part, as well as with proofreading and formatting. All you need to do is download an app for your Android or iOS design, place your order, pay, watch the progress, and have it delivered to you right on time. Simplicity and reliability are what makes WriteMyPapers one of the best apps to help with essay writing out there for dealing with academic challenges.

On a Lighter Note…

Hanx Writer is writing software designed by actor Tom Hanks. It offers a highly satisfying video and audio effect of a typewriter.

Write or Die. This software ‘punishes’ you if you won’t keep writing. Punishments vary from making an annoying noise to erasing pieces of your text in ‘kamikaze’ mode.

Written? Kitten! Motivates you in a positive way by showing pictures of cute kittens for every 100 words you write.

Dragon Dictation types your text as you speak into this app.

Writing software is designed to enrich your vocabulary, prompt on formatting, avoid punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes, and keep your notes organized. Whether you are a freshman, an AP English Language student or are working on your graduate thesis, you definitely should try the writing apps out.