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Fantastic. I stumbled on this app by chance.  I’m amazed. Can’t wait to show the kids at school here in Australia. Worksheets look awesome and I love the print or email feature.  Well done! The sliding array times table is a stroke of genius. 🙂

Lisa Rudd – Teacher in Australia

As a homeschool mom of three, it gets challenging and expensive to find good curriculum to make sure that my students are keeping up with state standards. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on workbooks and software that sit on my bookshelves. AppTutor was ready to use as soon as I downloaded it onto my mobile devices. AppTutor addresses my concerns and more. The apps are affordable, engaging and fun!

Jennifer Fisher – Home School Mom and community leader in Home Schooling – Austin, TX.

I absolutely love this app. I am a elementary Special Ed teacher and bought your place value app this morning to help augment my tutoring with a couple of very low fifth graders. Within thirty minutes they understood the concepts that we spent half of yesterday working on. The app was very engaging for the students and very easy to understand and navigate. Great app!

I started exploring your other apps and ended up gifting the 1st and 2nd grade Common Core Workbook apps to my two grandchildren and bought the 2nd and 3rd CC apps for my use in the classroom. I do inclusion with my students so its usually me and a couple students sitting in the back of a room full of 25 regular ed students. By the end of the period this morning I had about 10 students crowding around and begging to use the app also. Now all I need is about 5 more iPads.

I hope you are working on 4th and 5th grade CC Workbook apps. I will buy them the day they are released. If you need any beta testers I would gladly offer my services.

Ed Pulsifer – Columbus Africentric Early College – Elementary Intervention Specialist

“Your apps are great! The curriculum and tools fit perfectly together? … My son is one who has trouble focusing, but this seems to help keep him intrigued. Your product is great as-is…but we do want more subjects! Thanks for your hard work.”

Jodie – Brown University

“AppTutor has really produced some great apps aligning with the common core math standards. As an iPod coach at my school, students in all grade levels (including SDC and Special Ed) have enjoyed learning from these apps. Parents have also benefitted from watching the learn section of these apps; as our students take the iPods home and share the learning part of the app with their parents. I love that the students are able to achieve a certificate when they have completed these apps. We use these apps for instruction, practice, assessment, homework, and are very excited to incorporate them into some form of a summer institute to pre-teach or reteach key mathematical concepts. Thank you for coming up with an app that has lessons, practice, worksheets, assessments, and most of all the certificate to make the students feel a sense of accomplishment. I look forward to seeing what else is to come!!!!”

Caryn McLoughlin-iPod Coach Riverside, CA

“I am so impressed with AppTutor’s G4M. Finally a math app that is not a timed quiz, but an actual learning tool, plus it is aligned with the Common Core.
You will do great with this app. The best thing about using technology with struggling students is that it allows them to be comfortable when they make mistakes.”

Lena M. Ed. ~ blog

“Working with AppTutor apps has been exciting for both my students and me. The challenge section of each app is a winner in my class.  My students give it two thumbs up!  As a teacher, it can be difficult to get students interested in learning. I display the app on the projector screen and when I see my students run up to the board to answer a challenge question that is a sure sign that they are enjoying engaged in learning.  How about that!  No more days of hearing crickets chirping when I ask my students a math question.  I have been using the Place Value and Rounding app in my class for the past 2 weeks and it has been a significant learning tool in my class.  Thanks AppTutor! “

Jamie Romaine ~ Sunrise Elementary – 4th Grade Certified Teacher

“This app will be snapped up by teachers and parents alike. This math app takes a different approach to learning math…I expect great things from this forward thinking developer.”

Ann Francis ~

“I have been working with teachers for 30 years in support of interactive and innovative ways to present curriculum to children. I personally believe that AppTutor’s key steps (Learn; Try; Test) support the natural learning cycle in an engaging and interactive way. When children use tools at home that promote mastery of the Common Core State Standards being taught in classrooms, teachers and students benefit. Most of all, students can find the fun in brain-based learning while parents extend the classroom environment through technology.”Dr. Pat Shelton,

Director of Certification and Professional Development
Brevard Public Schools, Florida