New opportunities emerge as interactive iPad tablet technology marries common core to become an elementary educational resource, exciting both parents and educators, stirring widespread interest. 

Melbourne, FL (PR WEB)- Nov 2012-  AppTutor Apps, a new product line of mobile apps by Padstar Publishing, Inc., is making a splash in the market of elementary math apps for iPads. With over 28,000 individual downloads in the first three months of availability on the App Store, consumers are showing interest in these new, education-based, interactive apps.

As technology surges ahead, educators, parents, tutors, homeschoolers, and classroom teachers are turning to innovation to reach the learning potential in children. Apps that are grade-level and subject specific are quickly becoming a hot commodity.

Over a year ago, president and founder of AppTutor, Jeff Lammers, recognized a lack of iPad apps that actually taught lessons or skills and immediately began production of AppTutor’s educational product line. Built on Apple’s touch-screen technology, the outcome has been a line of elementary math apps boasting a unique combination of engagement, instruction, standards and strategy. These apps provide students and educators additional advantages over less structured apps.

The endeavor has been a success. Since becoming available in August for use on all Apple’s personal mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone- the apps are catching on.

It seems that the Apple interactive touch-screen technology that children have grown to love for games also creates the perfect learning environment. By combining visual, audio, and interactive touch, this technology engages the user and requires response and action. This is exactly the kind of interaction, during the learning process, that educators strive to achieve with students.

Teachers are quickly adopting the technology, and looking for apps with educational standards to revolutionize the way they teach and share subject content.

Each AppTutor App supports the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), which has been adopted in 46 U.S. states to date. When children complete an app and receive a ‘Certificate of Achievement’, they have met the CCSSI standards for that app’s specific subject and grade-level. This is much different than any other app in the marketplace, and makes them ideal for classroom use, math labs, and flipping the classroom.

Students using the apps ‘learn, try, and test’ their way through the interactive apps, gaining visual and audio feedback every step of the way. Progress tracking is also available for the educator, or parent.

“The idea with AppTutor was to capitalize on this rich learning environment that Apple mobile devices offer and kids love, and also to actually bring math content to life for them”, says founder and President, Jeff Lammers. “But we didn’t want to stop at fun and personal interactivity, we had a vision of educators using our apps in homes and classrooms, too. All AppTutor apps are built from the ground up to meet the Common Core Standards.”

Along with apps, mobile device demand for use in education is also on the rise. In fact, iPad use in the classroom is growing at a feverish pace, with Parent/Teacher Organizations and schools looking for ways to jump on board. So much so that Apple has created their own ‘Individual Device Program’ for the schools and teachers who are interested in integrating iPads into their classrooms. This program is promoted in Apple’s education lab.

AppTutor’s early adoption and successes appears to foreshadow additional lines of Common Core educational apps on the way, as whispers of science apps are in the air at their Melbourne, FL office.

AppTutor Apps are available for $3.99 each on the App Store. Visit the AppTutor website to learn more about each app and gain links directly to the apps you are interested in.

Schools may receive a group discount when ordering through the App Store and representatives at AppTutor are available to help teachers and techs with the logistics of connecting a single iPad to a classroom monitor for whole class use.

Lammers himself is not a newcomer to the mobile app industry, as after publishing a best-selling book, World Record Paper Airplanes, he created an app version which continues to be a success on the App Store.

About AppTutor Apps:

• Product line launched in Aug of 2012 w/several K-5 math apps available on the App Store.
• Over 28,000 individual apps have been downloaded to date indicating widespread interest.
• Built for use on Apple’s personal mobile technology, including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.
• Supports grade-level and subject-specific Common Core State Standards Initiative.
• Full Product line available at Apps and on the App Store for $3.99/ea.
• New ‘Appetizer Apps’ are free for a limited time on the App Store: get a taste of the apps.
• AppTutor is a Padstar Publishing, Inc. product line.
• Founder, Jeff Lammers, is available for interview.

Additional information about AppTutor may be found on the website at the following links: about page and about our apps page.